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The first Malayalam movie to be made entirely by online crowd-funding, Oraalppokkam, is directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, an award-winning, independent filmmaker from Trivandrum. The cast includes actor-producer Prakash Bare, Bengali director Bikramjit Gupta, journalist Venkatesh Ramakrishnan and theatre/film artiste Krishnan Balakrishnan. I play the female lead Maya.
The storyline of the movie revolves around a man-woman relationship in the backdrop of a natural calamity. Mahendran and Maya are living together and have their own independent lives. Slowly their relationship unravels and Mahendran decides to separate. Maya leaves him and disappears. This sudden and unnatural separation causes imbalance in the life of Mahendran. His curiosity and desire to know the whereabouts of Maya mounts and he begins a journey in search of her. At the end of the journey he reaches the flood-affected Himalayan mountain valley Kedarnath. The surreal story develops through the people he meets on the way and his dreams.
The film went on to win critical acclaim and awards like NETPAC and FIPRESCI at International Film Festival Kerala (IFFK), Aravindan Puraskaram for Best Directorial Excellence and John Abraham award for Best Directorial Excellence. It got also featured in prominent film festivals. 
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